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Happy Howls, Content Clucks: Our Furry, Feathery & Farmyard Friends Speak Up!

At Bark to Barn, we translate the happy barks, purrs, and moos into a simple truth: happy pets and well-cared-for farm animals make happy homes (and happy farms!). But don't take it from us, let our furry, feathery, and farmyard friends tell you their stories:


"Meow, Meow, Meow, Great, Meow, Awesome, Meow, Many Paws Up"

Translation - Courtney is a wonderful and loving pet sitter! I am so happy to have her as my pet sitter when my parents go away!

Charlie the pet pig

Courtney came out to meet me and my other farm friends before her week-long farm sitting stay.  She wanted to make sure we were properly introduced, which I appreciated as an old fashioned kind of pig.  She picked up on my humans food delivery routine like a pro, and never let me go hungry once.  We even got healthy treats and veggie nibbles.  I told my humans they're welcome to leave again, anytime, so long as Courtney comes back.  

Jasper the ram

Courtney, My Top-Notch Caregiver!

Five out of five fleece!

Sure, I get a little grumpy when my humans take off, but Courtney coming around makes things much baa-tter!

She's a blast to have in the pasture. We play a fun game I like to call "gentle nudging with my horns." Oops! Maybe not so gentle sometimes. But hey, it's all in good fun, right Courtney?

And let me tell you, this ewe knows the way to a ram's heart! Fresh blueberries and pears? YUM! Those treats are the highlight of my day.

Now, I know I can be a loud baaing machine, but it just comes from a place of deep appreciation. Thanks for taking such good care of me, Courtney! See you next time!


Jasper the Ram

Harley & Felix

We wanted to baa our thanks to Courtney for taking such good care of us! While we might not be as vocal as our brother Jasper, we definitely get excited with happy little rams trots whenever Courtney brings our favorite treats – pears and blueberries! She's the best, always making sure Jasper doesn't hog all the yummy snacks. We appreciate Courtney's visits and look forward to seeing her pull up every time.  Thanks for keeping these rams happy, Courtney!


Miss Courtney is a great dog walker and we have so much fun together. I always look forward to our adventures.  Woof!

Bandit the pet pig

My porker brother, Charlie, has a thing for Courtney. Even though he is the larger and more pushy composter, Courtney made sure that we were both fed equally every morning and night.  Courtney made sure our radio was on in our barn and that we had our night light just how we like it.  She exceeded our expectations and we hope she comes back to ladle us with compliments and care again soon. 

Gary & Larry

We might be a little shy, but Courtney makes us feel loved and comfortable! She takes amazing care of us, especially when our humans are away. Twice a day, she visits with fresh water, yummy food, and our all-time favorite treats – carrots and apples! Courtney never forgets a thing, and she even keeps our hay feeder stocked to the brim. We feel safe and happy with her around.

In fact, we've become such big fans of Courtney that we can recognize her car now! We come running to the gate whenever she pulls up, excited to see our favorite caretaker.


Woof! It's Olive here, a happy Havanese living in Camano Island 

and I just gotta tell everyone how much I love Courtney at Bark to Barn!

Courtney is the best! She takes such good care of me, and I know I can get super anxious when my humans are at work. But Courtney is always there to walk me, play with me, and shower me with all the love in the world. Thanks to Courtney, I don't have to worry about feeling lonely or scared.

If your pup needs a loving and caring pet sitter, look no further than Bark to Barn! 

Woof out!


Drexel is my brother, and when Miss Courtney comes over to walk him, she always gives me a treat and lots of love.

Archie the naughty rat terrier

Courtney is my favorite and I think I'm hers, too. We saw the suitcases and decided to riot the night before our humans left on vacation and ate the garbage, so Courtney was on bad-tummy-watch for a couple days. Turns out, we got extra special treatment with walks and cuddles and snuggles.  We plan to eat the trash again so we get more fun time with Courtney.  She even sent my nervous humans pictures of us and sent text messages to make sure they were okay.  As the fur-man of the house, I appreciated that.

Penny the naughty rat terrier

I bark and nip at strangers so that my humans never feel like I can be abandoned, but they really pulled one on me this time. Courtney came over to meet me before my humans "vacation" abandonment and took me on walks and fed me treats.  I had a hunch it was a trap.  I didn't nip her, but I barked and barked and barked to make sure she feared my wrath.  She was unafraid.  She even challenged my warnings with love and kindness which really threw me.  Before I knew it, she broke me down.  I was allowing her to pet me and cuddle me, and yes, I slept with her. I'll be in the window watching for her car until I can figure out how to make her a mixed tape.      


Hey there, it's Ruger the German Shepherd Mix! I just wanted to let all my fellow pups out there know how awesome Courtney from Bark to Barn is!

I'm a ball of energy, and Courtney gets that. She takes me on the most amazing walks and adventures all around Camano Island. There are so many trails to explore here, and Courtney is always up for trying a new one. We have a blast sniffing out new smells, chasing squirrels (although I never actually catch them!), and just enjoying the great outdoors together.

If your doggo needs a pet sitter who can handle their energy and loves exploring, then Bark to Barn is the place to go!

Enough said, gotta go chase some squirrels!

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